Monday, December 11, 2017

It's dangerous to go alone!

Well it looks like my knees are *finally* feeling good rested enough to get back into running. I have my follow up with the doc on Wednesday, but MRI didn't reveal anything worrying or I assume he would have called me.

But wanting to ease into it - overuse is how I jacked them up in the first place - I decided to start on a dirt trail instead of pounding the pavement.  Thankfully Griffith Park is nearby, offers some easy terrain and has a good three mile loop if I was feeling ambitious (I wasn't).  The only downside, Griffith Park is DARK y'all.

Oh, and there's these:

Thankfully, I was aiming for doing only 1 to 1.5 miles - hey, I *said* I was easing back into it - so thankfully I was only out on the trail (with a light of course) for about 15 minutes.  Still, there were a lot of scurrying critters in the underbrush.  Maybe I should have stopped by that cave I passed on the way in...