Friday, November 4, 2016

Patrick's Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon Report (October 30, 2016)

I forgot I had even signed up for this until the Thursday before it. I only knew because I got an email with "important race weekend info." They usually only send those to people that are doing the race. *scrolling through emails* Aww crap, I did sign up for this.

Race Day
Winnie said "I'm tired from Trick or Tri and feel slow today. Let's run it at a 10:30 pace."

I don't know what part of my brain blocks out that Winnie never actually means this, or if she means it, she is *terrible* at executing on it. But, being tired from a four hour trainer session the day before, I agree. 10:30 would be a fine, nice and easy jog.

Winnie proceeds to run sub-9:00/miles for the first four miles. Dammit.

I finally get her to slow down a bit and by this point (around mile 5) my right pinky toe is pissed.

I grit through it and we finish. I check the toe and I have a massive blister. It's a combination of bad sock choice and being tired so I had shitty running form. Good to consider come IMAZ when I'll be exhausted from the rest of the tri. The rest of my foot is tired from compensating for my toe, so the next day my whole foot is sore. It's fine now, but again, something to keep in mind.

Run time: 2:09:35

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