Monday, October 16, 2017

We're back at it!!!

Today marks Week 1 of our 30 week training plan for Ironman Santa Rosa - if there's a Santa Rosa left at which to Ironman 🙁  (#GrammarSnob). May 12th seems like a long way away but it'll be here before we know it.

Week 1 should be pretty easy - Today's a rest day, which I think we can manage. The rest of the week are 30-45 minutes runs in Zone 1 or 2 and a "long ride" of an hour.  That'll be good for me and Winnie since we've both been battling/recovering from some knee and shin splint issues, respectively. 

Below is the schedule, with the next couple weeks being similar to establish a good base.  I won't be posting the rest of our workout schedule - that's copyrighted y'all - but wanted to let you all know the WhatAreWeIroning journey has started again.  If you are looking for a training plan though, this is from the "Be IronFit" book by Don Fink (linked here), which I highly recommend.

Separately and on a serious note, as some of you many know, my wife is from Santa Rosa. She knows people personally that have been affected by the fires - losing literally everything they have.  If you're able, and would like to help out, here's a GoFundMe for one such family.

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