Friday, August 26, 2022

All the Food I ate in Tokyo, Japan (Aug 2022)

I just got back from a whirlwind trip in Japan - so here's everything I ate!

1. Mapo Soba with Baked Cheese at Shibire Soba

    • I dreamed about this for days after. Probably one of the best meals I've had in a really long time. I'm aleady a big fan of mapo tofu, to so add noodles under, a side of rice, and baked cheese on top? I might like this more than I like pho. and I REALLY LIKE pho. 
    • They know it's messy so they give you a bib and no one says no 🤣
    • It's a really small restaurant to you'll probably have to split your party up
    • Credit cards are accepted! Always a plus
    • Winnie's Rating - 10/10

2. Grilled Iberian Pork Shoulder Loin at Eco Farm Cafe 632

    • Not my favorite of all the restaurants I went to, but still really decent. My showstopper was the dessert - a Basil Ice Cream dish. I know, I know - basil on ice cream sounds weird - but I definitely recommend giving it a shot!
    • Winnie's Rating - 5/10

3. Hotel Breakfast at the Marble Lounge / Hilton Tokyo

    • This picture is definitely not an accurate depiction of what I ate each morning, but it'll have to do. I love the Hilton Tokyo - the breakfast has so many choices, but my favorites would have to be.... 
      • The omlette station (egg white with spinach please!)
      • Miso soup
      • build your own bagel
    • they serve traditional Japanese breakfast here but have quite a few other options
    • there's a salad bar in the morning but I went for the salmon lox instead. 
    • Winnie's Rating - 6/10

4. Tonkatsu at 

    • I'm still drooling from this. I'm a fan of fried food but I know I shouldn't be. We kept talking about how this food must be fried a different way because it's so delicious! TEMPURA EVERYTHING PLEASE. 
    • Maisen is definitely a must try when you're in Tokyo. 
    • Winnie's Rating - 8/10

5. Watermelon Soft Serve at 

    • Did I spend my entire trip converting dollars and cents from yen? yes, yes I did. 
    • Was it worth it? yes. Want to know why?
      • This ice cream cone was 37 cents in USD
      • 50. freakin. yen. 
    • It was so good and sooo worth it and if I had had more time I would have sat there all day and just asked if they could connect me to the ice cream machine. 
    • Winnie's Rating - 10/10

6. Banana Yogurt Smoothie at Toy Story Cafe

    • This cafe was so cute but a little underwhelming. I was hoping that there would be more options, but due to time constraints we only had 15 minutes to enjoy a drink - I chose the banana smoothie and it while it was light and refreshing, banana flavored drinks are not for me (shame on me for not reading the menu and ordering based on cuteness!)
    • Winnie's Rating: 6/10
7. Tapas at Gonpachi

    • Apparently this restaurant is nicknamed the Kill Bill restaurant because Quentin Tarantino had dinner here one time and was so inspired that he used it as inspiration for the movie. 
    • The restaurant seemed really amerianized - especially since there isn't much tourism in Japan right now. 
    • The food was still great - we had yakitori, karaage, some sort of dumpling pizza, soba noodles, and really yummy desserts. 
    • Winnie's Rating: 8/10

8. Prosciutto Salad at L'Occitane Cafe

    • Is it me or are salads not popular in Tokyo?
    • This one was not only gorgeous - the tomatos were firm and the prosciutto reminded me of home. 
    • If you're looking for a great view of the Shibuya Scramble, look no further. This one is right above and provides a great view if you're seated near a window
    • Winnie's Rating: 7/10

9. Okonomiyaki at Teppan Baby

    • I liked this place so much I ate here twice during my stay in Tokyo. 
    • Food was delicious and the portions were so big I don't think I finished all my food. 
    • There's a tendon soup I highly recommend and the fish cake as an appetizer!
    • Funny enough - the night Ed arrived, we caught an improv show here. We understood nothing but it was hilarious nonetheless!
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10

10. Gelato at Venchi

    • Tokyo was in a heat wave or something because every day felt like it was 100 degrees and humid. We stopped here for second breakfast because it was that or drink 7 gallons of water. 
    • Everything was so aesthetically pleasing!
    • I regret not getting a chocolate flavor since Chocolate is their forte. There's always next time!
    • Winnie's Rating: 8/10

11. EVERYTHING at Sukibayashi Jiro

12. Strawberry Parfait at La Ohana

    • It was so hot and all I wanted was something cold. 
    • It was a nice relief from the heat so I'm giving this a...
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10.
13. Gyudon at Sukiya

    • I think there are 2000 locations (similar to Yoshinoya but I think this chain might be more popular than Yoshinoya in Japan!)
    • Very yummy, very inexpensive
    • Winnie's Rating: 8/10
14. Cream Puffs at TOLO Cafe and Bakery

    • Literally the cutest cream puff I've ever had
    • This one was Mango flavored!
    • Highly recommend. They only have a certain number each day!
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10

15. Ramen at Ichiran

    • Table for one? perfectly fine!
    • You order from a vending machine, a switchboard tells you where to sit, you offer your little ramen receipts to them, and they lift the curtain to serve you!
    • Perfectly acceptable to eat on your own and if you don't want to talk at all, you just use the little wooden sticks on the right to send a message!
    • Winnie's Rating: 8/10
16. Traditional Japanese Breakfast at Shinpachi Shokudo

    • Ati and I were looking for a place to eat at on his last day in Tokyo so we ended up here! 
    • Lots of fish and it was a lot of food but not my favorite. Maybe I just wasn't into something this heavy for breakfast?
    • Winnie's Rating: 6.5/10

17. Chili Cheese Dog at the Refreshment Corner - Tokyo Disneyland

    • What a cute meal! I was looking for more to eat but there weren't very many options, so I settled for a chili cheese hot dog and this very very cute drink that tasted like a sprite (it was called a Sparkling Drink - Lime and Mint!
    • Winnie's Rating: 6.5/10

18. Waffle at Tokyo Disneyland

    • Watched them make this waffle in the window while I was waiting to order. It was perfect! Minus the part where the whipped cream fell onto the mask that I had set on the table and I had to find a replacement mask. That was not fun. 
    • Winnie's Rating: 8/10
19. Tsukemen at Fu-Unji

    • Drool. This meal was soooo good. You order from a vending machine (Many of these vending machines are cash only or IC card (Suica, pasmo).
    • Tsukemen is dipping ramen, so you mix everything in the small bowl and dip the toppings in, eat all of it, and then pour hot water into the small bowl after to drink all the soup. I couldn't finish but it was delicious. 
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10
20. Ramen at Kamakura

    • I really wanted Gyoza but there were no restaurants nearby that served gyoza on its own. 
    • There was a vending machine outside - cash only - where you ordered and then they seated you. 
    • Drank a bunch of water and then my food came. Solid meal, gyoza was sub par :(
    • Winnie's Rating: 7/10

21. Buffet at Yakata Restaurant (Puroland)

    • Quite possibly the cutest food I've ever eaten - the top left is a Hello Kitty fish cake!
    • This is a buffet but I'm pretty sure it's geared toward kids because the only green I could find were these cucumbers. Everything else was... fish cakes, tamago, chicken nuggets, burgers, yakitori, karaage.... and Calpis!
    • I even got to spell my name in fish cake. a 30-something year old's dream!
    • Winnie's Rating (for aesthetic purposes, 10/10) - 8/10

22. Fusion at Unoya

    • 49 floors above street level - the view was spectacular but the service was interesting. 
    • The waiters served all the men and THEN went back to the kitchen for the women's food. I think this might be something common in Japan - just not used to it, I guess. 
    • The food was amazing - small bites but perfect enough to feel "just right" - not too full. 
    • Winnie's Rating (Service was 4/10): 8/10

23. Chinese Food at Shahoden

    • I was so curious about Chinese food in Japan! It tastes the same everywhere 🤣
    • My meal came with mapo tofu and ramen and I loved it! 
    • There was even an almond dessert!
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10
24. Dinner at Shunju Urari

    • This place was so fancy. 
    • All these small dishes - I'm not used to it! But everything was so good. Just little tasting portions. Not a fan of the pickled bitter melon, but everything else I ate 😬
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10
25. Bento Box from Nakazato

    • I was very excited to try my first bento box - can I just say that rice is really really good in Japan? I am not always fond of rice (It's probably because I had it for 18 years) - but even the simplest things taste amazing in Japan. 
    • Tempura was not my favorite here (I was deceived by the claw!) but everything else was good. 
    • Winnie's Rating: 7/10
26. Breakfast at Caffee Veloce

    • Have y'all heard of Baumkuchen? I think it's German. 
    • I saw so many of these in Japan! They are really popular. They're little cakes that are essentially rotisseried and baked one layer at a time. So cool. I may have eaten quite a few of these in Japan but never stopped to take a picture of them 🤣
    • We stopped at this Cafe for a small breakfast - egg sandies, baumkuchen, and a drink!
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10
27. Smoothies at 7-Eleven

    • I went multiple times to make this smoothie and each time I videoed but forgot to take a picture. The second time (when I was with Ed) we got yelled at because we forgot to pay before smoothie making and the Cashier was very upset.
    • Still, I think we inhaled these before walking out of the store. So good!
    • Winnie's Rating: 9/10
28. Coolish from Any Convenience Store

    • If they ever sell these in the US, I'm in trouble. This is ice cream in a bag. 
    • No mess. It melts while you eat it. Amazing on a hot day. Or from a vending machine while you wait for your flight to take off. 
    • Winnie's Rating: 10/10
29. Trick or Treat Horror Dining

    • The weirdest dining experience I've had in Japan. 
    • This is a bar located on the second floor of an nondescript building. 
    • we went during a typhoon, which probably was the reason why it was COMPLETELY empty. 
    • This was our waiter:

    • I think he said maybe 5 words the entire time we were there. 
    • Apparently this is Tim Burton's favorite place in Japan! Rumor is that he goes every time he is in Tokyo. I would say that food was not amazing, but the decor keeps you entertained the entire time. There's even an albino snake!
    • Winnie's Rating: (9/10 for decor) - 6/10

Sorry not sorry for eating so much. :) 

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